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Guaranteed, Passive, Repeatable
Income Streams That Pay You

Hi –

Are you looking for more income? More ways to make money in your business?

Or, maybe you’re thinking about starting a business but you’re not exactly sure what to do or where to start!

OR…you keep hearing people talk about continuity income or membership sites and it sounds like a good thing, and you’re not exactly sure how that kind of income fits into your business. But the sound of dependable money coming in every month – money that you can count on…is very appealing.

If Any or All of Those Sound Appealing, You’re In Exactly The Right Place

Continuity income is a great way to set up your business because it means people will be paying you money every single month…for either a set period of time or until they decide they no longer want what you’re offering.

The big advantages of continuity income is that it’s…

  • Dependable
  • Recurring
  • Grows Quickly
  • Easily Repeatable
  • Makes Your Business Very Saleable
  • And More…

How nice would it be to know every month you have $ 11,520.00 (or more) coming in. That number isn’t made up… I have a client right now who has 384 people paying her $30 a month for a program she developed more than 4 years ago. Some of them have been paying her every single month for that entire time.

AND it’s just one part of her business…one income stream.

“Money Without A Marketing Message!
92 Members In The First Few Weeks”

“When I decide to start teaching again, I debated whether to create more stand-alone courses or a monthly membership program. Diane’s “Courses and Continuity™” event was incredibly helpful in terms of strategy. Plus, it was the kick in the seat of the pants I needed to get started!

I launched my program two months later and got 92 members. I’m so glad I did this. I really enjoy the monthly format and my students are having fun.

This continuity format is the best thing since sliced bread. At the end of the first month, the recurring charge notices started popping into my inbox. I literally sat in front of the screen and stared in amazement.

Holy buckets Batman! Money without a marketing message!

I know that’s the point… but in my 20+ years in business, I never had automatic, recurring revenue. I love knowing that there is going to be some level of income every month without having to send out a promotion.

Thanks for giving me the confidence to get started and to change the way I think about my business. You can bet that anything I do in the future will be — or lead to — a continuity-type program.”

Shelly Stokes
Chapala, Mexico

From Zero To 6 Figures In 90 Days With Continuity…
And On To $1,000,000.00 in Only One Year!

(12 Short Months…)

Casey Graham came to me a few years ago and wanted to start a membership/continuity/subscription type program for small, start-up churches.

After just one webinar, without a website, and having never sold anything on a webinar before, Casey put 100 members in his program at $97.00 a month. And he maintained a 93% retention rate for the first year his program was in place.  That means only 7 of the original 100 people left in the first year.

Casey was making 6 figures in less than 90 days after he started!

$9,700.00 a month – to be exact ($8,333.33 a month gives you a 6-figure income)!

And his numbers went up from there…exactly one year later Casey was making $1,000,000.00 in his business. And, 5 years into his business he sold it for multiple 7 figures, took a year off, and is now running another continuity-based business, where he’s making multiple millions a year and has been for a while!

“Continuity Changed My Life”

Casey Graham
Cumming, GA

Here’s the email Casey sent me at exactly one year after he started his first continuity program…
Casey was hooked on continuity programs after his first succuss and started several more.

Here’s an example of one of his launches…

And he kept going until his original company (Giving Rocket) was his second largest.

Yes, he ran multiple continuity programs. Each of them bringing in more than a million dollars a year in revenue!

And, if you are looking for a business model that you can build and easily sell, this is a great one to look at.

Casey sold his company after about 5 years in business for 7 figures and walked away. And, like most entrepreneurs, he started a new company after about a year off. And is building more success now!

More continuity!

But Wait!
You Heard Continuity Was A Thing of The Past…
Dead & Nobody’s Doing It Anymore!

This is not true…not even close!

Think about it, how many things in your life do you pay for on continuity…

As a business owner you might add to this list…
It’s everywhere! And subscriptions are being used in more places than you realize.

It’s not new – it’s just a new way of thinking about YOUR business.

Every single business there is can put continuity in place…and to make money from it!!

The only question is do you want in on one of the best and most sure ways to know what your monthly income will be, or would you rather start at ZERO every month!

Many People Add Continuity To Already Established Businesses As A Way To Stabilize Income

It’s sometimes (not always) easier to start a continuity/membership/subscription service after you’ve been in business for a while.

One reason for this is you have a list of people who have already bought from you and who want to hear from you.

Remember, a buyer is a buyer is a buyer!

That means once somebody has bought from you, they’re more likely to buy from you again. As long as you offer them things that are in line with the other things they purchased.

So, having a list usually increases the speed at which you grow your program.

Again, there are exceptions to everything, and this depends on your situation.

I’ve helped 123 people start membership programs as the way for them to launch (or start) their businesses. So, if you’re new to business or just starting a business this is a very viable business model for you too!

Either way, adding continuity to your business is always a smart business move because it gives you another way for people to stay more connected with you.

Getting something from you every month strengthens the bond people feel with you and keeps you top of mind.

“Steady Income I Can Count On Month-After-Month”

“Since starting my successful continuity program three years ago, I haven’t been concerned about paying my bills each month. Prior to having a continuity program, I was on a wild roller coaster ride with monthly income. Up some months, down some months…always all over the place. A new offer or promotion every so often couldn’t guarantee the funds would be there for the monthly bills.

My continuity program started with a great concept, but I had no idea how to implement that concept. Diane helped me every step of the way to design it, test it, sell it, and nurture it.

In my industry a monthly program like this would have a 1-year life span, max. This program has broken all the rules and has provided month-to-month income security.

It’s a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun. And I feel confident now that there isn’t a single day during the month without money coming into the bank account.”

Joan Ford
Syracuse, NY

No Need For Expensive Membership Sites, Websites Or Anything Complicated!

Setting your program up can be as simple as a Facebook group.

There’s no need to get complicated or to spend a lot of money on some fancy software to have a membership program.

Jennifer Allwood has her program with 1,900 members in a simple private Facebook group. That’s 1,900 people paying her $47.00 a month. That’s $89,300.00 a month in this one program. ($1,071,600.00 a year)

There are certainly other platforms you can use if you want to.

Simple is always best.

You could simply send an email to you members with a link to your new post of content. That can be put up on your website – where you’re already paying for hosting and all that.

A simple password protected area does the trick!

And, in Jennifer Allwood’s case, and many others, just a simple group on Facebook is very effective.

I’m Not The Only One Helping Businesses Build Continuity Programs…So Why Listen To Me?

I’m Diane Conklin. I’ve been in business for 30+ years and I’ve been building, designing and running continuity programs since I started my business.

Back then, they were called “Til Forbid” programs. Then, they were called membership sites. Continuity, subscription programs, or whatever name they go by tomorrow or next year (the names of things often change but what makes them successful doesn’t) are one of the best ways to have recurring income month-after-month you can count on.

And it’s one of the best business models available!

Otherwise, why would so many big companies be using it?

BUT…don’t take it from me!  Here’s what just a few people have to say…

“This Continuity Program Saved My Business”

“What a year!  My quilting business was completely dependent on live quilt shows and in person teaching gigs, and I knew I wanted that to change.

Diane encouraged me to put a membership together practically overnight.  After a few short strategy meetings, I launched before I thought I was ready.  In the first week we gained 47 founding members.  The continuity program saved my business.

I would still be “thinking it over” if not for Diane.”

Sue Pelland
Upton, MA

“Created, Designed & Launched The Program In Just 90 Days…
And Had Paying Members!”

“I was that entrepreneur that had always heard about “continuity programs” and agreed that it was a great strategy, but as a caterer, I couldn’t really see it as a model for MY type of business.

Well, I was dead wrong. As one of Diane Conklin’s coaching clients, I’d been thinking about launching a line of gourmet sauces and seasonings, but never put much energy behind it. Diane proclaimed one day that…Carlton, if there was ever a time to pull the trigger and make this happen, now is the time to do it.

I struggled with what I had to offer that would make someone sign up. Diane introduced me to the concept of a subscription program. She challenged me and literally gave me 30 days to design and launch my program. I personally thought that she had finally gone crazy and had lost her mind. There was no way I could do all of that in just 30 days…or so I thought.

Fast forward, Bon Appetit Y’all was created in 30 days and I had clients signed up for the subscription program in the very first month. I never dreamed that would happen!

I am so grateful for Diane’s foresight, knowledge, tutorship, and encouragement. Without her my company Bon Appetit Y’all by Carlton would have never been created.

We launched the program in July, and we’ve come a long way. We also have a way to go, but the growth and advancement of the company since its launch has been incredible.

The holiday season far exceeded any of my expectations. To receive orders from every corner of the country for my product shocked the hell out of me.

Thank you so much Diane for believing in me and encouraging me. With your help, we’ve created a model that has and will continue to change the course of my business forever. I am forever grateful.”

Carlton Brown
Atlanta, GA

What Is “Complete Continuity™”?

There are people who will sell you a course on how to start a continuity program. And you might even be successful with it…if you go through it and use the course.

There are a lot of little nuances and things that are key to a successful program. So many of them are missed or glanced over in the programs I’ve seen.

What Complete Continuity™ offers you is a step-by-step approach to building and/or growing your program.

AND it’s a continuity program!

So, you can learn not only from the material you receive but also from watching HOW the program you’re in works as well!

Imagine, not only getting everything you need to start, build and grow your program, but continuing to get every update in real-time. All the new information that comes available, when it comes available from the best sources in the business.

Plus, you’ll get the inside information on what’s working best right now for my high-level coaching clients who have successful programs.

Everything you need to be successful, rolled out to you in bite-size pieces you can consume, process and implement immediately.

No overwhelm!

No wondering where to start or what to do next!

And the best part is this program is for you no matter where you are in your process. If you haven’t started a continuity or membership program but want to, this is perfect for you as you start your journey.

If you already have a membership program this is also great for you because while you may think you have all the basics covered, many times there are essential parts to a successful program that were initially missed.

Many times, when you go back and look at these things you will find that with very little effort, you can quickly double, triple or quadruple the number of participants in your program in just a few short days.

What Do You Get In Complete Continuity?

The Keys & Secrets to Success With Continuity
Regular content will be dripped to you so you can follow the easy step-by-step process for developing a profitable membership/continuity program. At least twice a month, you’ll receive new information so you can advance to the next level…the right way!
Private Facebook Group
A members-only area where you can go to find community, post ideas, ask questions and more. And there will be surprises popping up in the group on occasion. Exclusive private lives exclusively for members only. Extra, bonus content and more!
Checklists, Templates & Forms To Use In Your Continuity Business
Everybody loves checklists and templates! They’re an easy way to add value to your program without a lot of work. I’ll be providing you with them. You can easily modify and tweak them (or use them as is) and give them to your members as well.
Access To Everything Plus Updates As Things Change So You Stay Current
Every time I update anything in the program you’ll get notified and have full access, as long as you’re a member. What works best with memberships, subscriptions and continuity programs are constantly changing. I stay up-to-date, so you don’t have to. And you don’t have to spend time shifting through all the data for what will work and what’s just some new “tactic”.
Advanced Tips, For Continuing To Grow Your Business
This isn’t just a program about starting your program. It’s about growing it. Scaling it. Leveraging it. Turning it into an asset. Selling it (if you decide you want to). It’s about recurring, passive income. And, so much more! You’ll get everything you need to have all this…and more!

0 to 6 Figures In 90 Days With Continuity Course

This is a true case study of how Casey Graham went from 0 to 6 figures in 90 days with his very first continuity program…without a website! All the details are here. Including the live webinar. This alone will show you more than most other courses ever reveal!


Value $497.00

To Your Success –

PS – There’s no long-term commitment. If you aren’t completely satisfied every month, just let us know and you don’t have to continue getting this business building information.

PPS – This program will quickly pay for itself. If you’re only charging $50/month, you only need 4 members to pay for this. If you’re charging $97/month, you only need 2 members to pay for it. That’s super easy. And if you don’t currently have a program, in 90 days, or less, you will – and it’s easy to add 50 or more people in your very first month!

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